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As the public’s use of medical marijuana and hemp increases, and as people who have pets are wondering about whether to use it or not for their pets, there are still very few places to get good information that isn’t trying to sell you something.

This blog and this website have been created to supply you with information that you can use to help your pet if you are considering the use of medical marijuana or hemp based extracts. There are a few other sites for humans that have good information, and references to scientific articles (which I always appreciate, because the scientific articles have the best and most credible information on them.

Several websites that I reference when I am looking to understand something better about cannabis in general and then relate it to my veterinary patients are listed below. I have no relationship to these websites, although I’ve read the book “Smoke Signals” that was written by the founder of one website, . This is an excellent website, devoted in its entirety to the use of CBDs, whether derived from the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. I urge you to check this site out.

Another site that I’ve found to be chock full of very good information is called ProCon Medical Marijuana, which is meant to provide both sides of the argument both for and against medical marijuana. In a recent page on their website: they list the peer-reviewed studies of marijuana’s medicinal benefits, listing both the studies that were positive, and the studies that were negative.

A third website that I visit frequently has very good instructional materials and information about the use of cannabis in a number of human diseases. When I searched on the site for any information about pets, there is nothing. It’s a good site, though, and I recommend that you visit it:

I’ve been worried about the number of people who are giving hemp and cannabis to their pets, and the large increase in ER admissions for THC toxicosis. There is just no good information available regarding the safe and effective use of hemp or MJ in pets. This column will help, and your questions are welcome.

I have recently completed a book entitled: “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet”. It is at the printers and soon should be available as a print book of nearly 150 pages and 36 color photographs. In it I explain about the good things and about the potentially dangerous aspect of cannabis (THC), I also provide a guide to dispensary products if you are lucky enough to live in a state that allows them. I’ve also got 6 recipes for making your herb, if you grow it yourself, or if you can legally buy it in your state. If you are interested in learning more about this book (and yes, this is a sales pitch, but if you’ve read this far, you are definitely interested in learning more about cannabis and pets, and so far, this is the only book on the subject in the marketplace. Follow this link to learn more about this book, and you can click and be sent to my eCommerce website where you can download a free excerpt or buy the book directly. The link:



Doc Rob
Dr. Robert Silver DVM, MS, CVA achieved his lifetime goal of becoming a veterinarian when he graduated from Colorado State University’s (CSU) College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. In the 90s, after creating Boulder’s Natural Animal, a Holistic Wellness Center, Dr. Silver established effective protocols for a number of serious, potentially life-threatening chronic diseases in dogs and cats, such as cancer, allergies, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, Canine epilepsy, and behavior problems. Dr. Silver's has also designed nutritional and herbal formulas for RxVitamins for Pets and worked directly with pets who have been given cannabis and hemp by their owners to address a number of difficult conditions such as epilepsy, pain, cancer and behavior problems. Although retired from day-to-day practice, Dr. Silver still consults on difficult cases referred from veterinarians, and continues to work as Chief Medical Officer for RxVitamins for Pets.
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