As a holistic veterinarian of over 33 years, I’ve seen large numbers of dogs and cats who had some pretty terrible diseases: Cancer, Epilepsy, Allergies, Addison’s disease, Arthritis, Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, etc. Over the years, those patients who did the best with their terrible diagnoses were those for whom their caregivers sought out and provided holistic care, in addition to the conventional treatments they were receiving.

When most pet owners would bring their pets to me, they often were interested in my providing these services:

  1. Information about a healthier diet for their pet. They commonly were not satisfied with the quality of commercial kibble (dry food).
  2. Information about herbal or vitamin therapies that could help their pet’s problem or help to prevent it from having problems
  3. Acupuncture, chiropractic and guidance to perform acupressure on their pets themselves at home
  4. Help for their pets who had been given no options for treatment other than euthanasia from their regular veterinarians
  5. Information and help providing in-home hospice care
  6. Help with knowing when is the “right” time for euthanasia

Nurse Your Pet_57In 2010 I sold my holistic practice in Boulder, Colorado so I could work on educational programs designed specifically for pet owners that would help a larger number of people than just those who could visit me at my practice, locally. These educational programs are contained in this blog-site, and so much more, too. contains the information so many pet parents are looking for when they bring their pets to my office. In creating this blog, I’ve joined forces with Dr. Gabby Varcoe, a very talented veterinarian who practices in San Diego providing pets with palliative and hospice care. As well as providing acupuncture, herbal and nutraceutical support to her patients, Dr. Varcoe is currently working toward her graduate degree in Veterinary Rehabilitation, which is what we call physical therapy for pets in veterinary medicine.

I first met Dr. Varcoe when I was giving seminars in the San Diego area to veterinarians, and was so impressed with her skills and her very positive attitude, that I asked her to join me writing and consulting on this blog. I’m excited about working with Dr. Gabby, and I know you will share my enthusiasm about her contributions on this blog-site.

The knowledge and experience that Dr. Varcoe and myself have acquired over many years of helping people find the right supplements for their pets, and prepare healthy wholesome meals, is what we are providing right here at

This is because we want to be able to help many more pets with serious diseases than can be physically seen in a veterinary hospital, one patient at a time. I hope this information is useful to you and provides you and your family and your beloved four-legged friend(s) with many, many happy moments together.

How to use this blog-site contains six ways you can learn more about holistic approaches to help your pet with its problems, and read about practical information you can use for your pet(s) about preventative holistic health care. has numerous articles, blogs and videos on nearly every subject category regarding holistic approaches to pets with serious diseases and instructions on preventative holistic care for pets.

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Your question may also be used (without identifying you personally) in our Q&A column, or could be used as a topic for a new blog-post. If it’s a question that gets asked commonly, we will create an FAQ from it.


on holistic pet care, supplements and diets, pet hospice care and the very difficult topic of when to “say goodbye”.

dealing with serious pet problems from the community of pet caregivers visiting this site

for different conditions and how much should you give your pet for successful outcomes

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