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I want to share with our Nurse Your Pet visitors this story of a patient of mine, Monty, who had bone cancer. Monty had his leg amputated to reduce the painfulness of this type of cancer. Osteosarcoma, known commonly as bone cancer is very aggressive and most animals do not live very long once they are diagnosed. Amputation doesn’t slow the disease down, but it does provide comfort and freedom from pain. The cancer spreads very quickly, first to the lungs.

In Monty’s case he had metastatic tumors noted in his lungs on X-Rays at the time of amputation. This is why his mom wanted to try chemotherapy to see if that would help. Two different types of chemotherapy were used, one after the other, and during that time more tumors were found in his lungs. This was when I was contacted to try and help Monty using Chinese herbs, medical mushrooms, anti-cancer nutraceuticals and the cancer diet. Monty’s mom also asked if I could help her use cannabis safely and effectively with Monty, because she had heard that it can also help with some cancers.

This video is the story, told mainly in the words of Monty’s mom, of her trials and tribulations dealing with seeing her beloved four-legged friend (now three legged) suffering from this nasty disease. I feel that the diet and supplements we gave Monty helped him feel better during the course of the disease.

Unfortunately, Monty’s cancer was more aggressive than our ability to stop it. It continued to grow even in the face of two very powerful chemotherapeutic agents. It makes me really sad when in spite of all I do, I can’t “fix” these guys. But it makes me feel good that the work I’m doing at least helps them have a better quality of life for the time that they have left on this earth.

Dr. Rob Silver

April 2017



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