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How do we know when it is time? Keep in mind that every situation is different and even if you had to make this decision for another pet in the past, this time may be different:

  •  Chronic conditions that are difficult to manage such as chronic cough or difficulty breathing, pain that cannot be controlled with pain medication and alternative modalities, or conditions that severely impair mobility such as the inability to get up on their own and move form one position to another
  •  Vomiting or diarrhea that cannot be resolved
  • Your pet has stopped eating and shows no interest in food
  • Lack of interest in their surroundings, toys, family members or daily activities
  • Your pet has more “bad days” than “good days”
  • You believe that your pet may be suffering or showing signs of mental distress or anxiety that cannot be helped
  • Can you appropriately care for your pet, financially and as a caretaker
  • Poor hygiene, urinary or fecal incontinence that make it difficult to keep your pet clean and comfortable

Many times there is not a specific sign that your pet gives you to tell you that they are ready. Take your time in making this decision and reach out to family and friends or other pet parents for support but keep in mind that you know your pet best and that this decision is yours to make.



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