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Traveling can be stressful for everyone and that includes our pets. When you are going to travel, whether its an overnight trip or you are going for a few days, it is important to plan ahead. here are some tips for traveling with your senior pet, these can also be used for traveling with younger pets as well.

  • Make sure that you have all medications needed for your pet, keep them in a safe place so that you can access them easily and make sure that your pet cannot get a hold of the medications
  • Have a pet bed or blanket in the car for them to feel comfortable
  • Make frequent stops so that you can have them get out of the care and stretch their legs and use the bathroom
  • Feed smaller meals and give them time before travel to avoid car sickness, if your pet tends to get car sick call your veterinarian for some appropriate supplements or medication
  • Adaptil spray or collar, a calming pheromone, which can help keep the pets in the car calm during the ride
  • Look up emergency clinics along the way so that you have a plan in the event your pet gets sick or injured
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with appropriate identification and you have a create for kitties and small pets
  • look up hotels along the way that accept pets, call them and make sure that there are no restrictions
  • Have an emergency kit: call your veterinarian and discuss your plans for travel and  have a kit made up for situations such as diarrhea, insect sting, car sickness etc…
  • Give yourself plenty of time to travel as you may have to make frequent stops and you may have to drive a little more conservatively to keep your pets comfortable
  • Special harnesses or ramps to help your bigger dogs get into and out of the car comfortably
  • Pack extra pet food in the event of delayed travel
  • Make sure your pet’s are wearing a seat belt or are secure in the car 

    Traveling can be fun, just give yourself plenty of time, have fun and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! 




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